“The union is the force.”
Meet the project’s Partners.

Coordinated by IPAG, HIRING is a project funded by the Erasmus+ programme whose aim is to mobilise the capabilities offered by artificial intelligence to foster the creation of people-centred innovations in HR Management.

HIRING Team is a group of companies and institutions with diverse background and rich experience in technology enhaced learning working together in order to bring new value to the Human Resources world.


IPAG is Member of the “Conférence des Grandes Ecoles” and listed the 3rd best French business school in the Shanghai Ranking.

The school is a non-profit organization and has remained independent for over 50 years.

Located on boulevard Saint-Germain, in the centre of the French capital, IPAG’s Paris campus welcomes 2,500 students each year.

Its strategic location places students in the heart of Europe’s largest business centre and 2nd technological hub.

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Our curricula are built on an ambitious research policy and put emphasis on fieldwork experience. They are supervised by a high-profile faculty composed of both researchers and business professionals.

IPAG’s Ethics and CSR policy is built on a holistic approach and reflects the commitment of the entire faculty. It echoes the foundational values of our business and management school.

IPAG educates graduates with a strong social responsibility and ethical awareness built on a solid academic base and expert knowledge.

The school encourages diversity to create agile and crossfunctional managers. It contributes to the business community through innovation and entrepreneurship.

IPAG is anchored in a territory and economy with an international outreach. It produces internationally excellent research to enrich its pedagogy and create new knowledge contributing to both society and business.

IPAG’s values are agility, commitment, excellence, and openness.


Seinäjoki Joint Municipal Authority for Education (SEDU) is among the biggest vocational education and training providers in Finland.

SEDU is a high quality VET school with eight units in 14 study locations in the western part of Finland, in the region of South Ostrobothnia.

SEDU provides vocational qualifications in the following study sectors: Social Science, Business and Administration, Arts and Crafts, Social Services and Health, Natural Resources, Tourism, Catering and Domestic Services, Technology and Transport Sector.

SEDU provides education for more than 5000 full time students and offers continuing education or further training for 10000 students.

In addition to that, SEDU offers preparatory vocational education and training for young people.

There are some 600 staff members.

SEDU is an international education provider with more than 200 students and 100 teachers or other staff members going on international exchange every year.

Annually we receive about 150 students and around 100 staff members.

SEDU has international partner schools and other organisations in 30 countries.

We also participate in several international projects.

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) combines top-class facilities for cutting-edge research with unique learning opportunities for students.

It is committed to finding solutions to the major challenges facing society as we move forward: Health and Nutrition, Energy and Natural Resources, Environment and Climate, Information and Communications, Mobility and Infrastructure.

The university thinks and acts with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Its aim: to create lasting value for society.

All this combines to make it one of Europe’s leading universities.

The Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS) and its Post/Doc Digital Media Lab engages with critical studies of science and technology, researching digital infrastructures, practices, science and engineering of algorithms and software in general.

The MCTS features several research socio-scientific research topics like IoT, automatization of industry, biology and bio-technology, and digital artifacts and processes.

The Digital Media Lab’s research focuses contain processes of digitalisation and its societal impacts and implications, including both: assumptions that are built in code lines and (unintended) effects that are part of software applications and usages.

The MCTS is employer of about 80 researchers and coordinators.

There are about 50 students trained in STS and Responsibility in Science and Technology (RESET) at the MCTS.

Founded in 2005, Haikara is an agency specialised in the production of digital learning content and tools. Its productions are highly innovative and are all based on offering users a unique and adapted learning experience.

Its solutions are based on two main axes: the production of tailored e-learning content, and the distribution of our SAAS-based platforms.

With its team of training designers, developers and graphic designers, Haikara can accompany our clients on all aspects of their digital training projects.

Its productions are recognised by the profession, as shown by awards received.

Since 2014, Haikara is involved in several Erasmus + providing their expertise as coordinator and platforms provider in highly innovative projects.

ZAPIENS is a company focused on the development of technical and methodological solutions for knowledge management.

Today, ZAPIENS is a B2B business, helping corporates to solve challenges related to upskilling, training and life-long-learning of employees.

In higher education, ZAPIENS is being used in learning processes as a complement to traditional lessons.

ZAPIENS has developed a gamified application for knowledge and innovation management in companies.

This startup, led by Daniel Suárez, identifies the level of knowledge of the organisation as well as the leaders of such knowledge.

ZAPIENS connects people with questions to the right answer in any company, making the process of getting and sharing knowledge seamless.

ZAPIENS is the next generation of intelligent knowledge management systems; an Artificial Intelligence service that uses Natural Language Processing to reskill people, connect brains, identify talent and deliver “people analytics”.


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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